Picard Showrunner Wanted to Piss Off Trek Fanbase & Spite Anti-SJWs

From one of our favorite opinion blogs, comes this from possibly David M. Vining or Alec Lloyd. Who knows?


Perfect. The Rian Johnson Plan for Success.


He babbles something about the fans “always” hating Star Trek, in order to excuse the fact that people now hate Star Trek.


Because of Discovery, and now his shitshow.


I actually went back and looked on Google Groups, which acquired Usenet, so you can look through the old Usenet groups and watch what people said about “Deep Space Nine” then about “Voyager.” They f***ing hated it. They lacerated it. I mean, plenty of people liked it and loved it.


Rian Johnson made the exact same claim about The Empire Strikes Back. He claimed that it was highly divisive, splitting the audience, and only gained a positive reputation in hindsight.


That’s absurd. Absurd. It was The Empire Strikes Back that turned the one-off space swashbuckler Star Wars into an epic, and everyone knew that at the time.


And this bitchmade SJW eater-of-diverse-creampies is now just running through the same NPC script.


Gee I wonder now if he’ll claim that the great majority of viewers who don’t like his garbage trashfire show don’t like it only because they’re racist and sexist.


Any bets?


No? You won’t bet me?


I guess you’ve been paying attention! Maybe you do read the posts!


But the criticisms that are being leveled against “Deep Space Nine,” and then against Janeway, female Captain, black Vulcan [Tim Russ’s Tuvok] — all of the things that were problematic for certain contingent of so called “Star Trek” fans back then, the way that they attack each other and the way they attack the show – it’s identical to now.


I am not a Star Trek fan, but I am Star Trek fan adjacent. Most people I know like Star Trek. Even though I didn’t watch Star Trek since the original cast repeats, I have constantly been around people who watch Star Trek.


Number of rants I’ve heard about the “black Vulcan” or female captain?




This is a lie. They repeat the same lies every time they fail.


They could just turn them into 140 characters or whatever it is now on Twitter and you could make tweets out of them and it would still work just as well for “Discovery” or “Picard.”


Yup, because everyone who says that your show castrates and demolishes the character of Picard, and turns the hopeful, humanistic Star Trek universe into another Young Adult Dystopian Action Fantasy, is just a racist and Hates Women.


NPCFailureScript.exe has crashed


So were there things about “Picard” that you knew you wanted to do that you could sense would test some boundaries for fans?

Can I just say that maybe cracking a 0.8 rating might have been a nice “boundary” to test?


Or is that too much of a science-fiction dream?


Sure. To the extent that I was aware of the kind of toxic fandom, the anti-SJW, you know, sad little corner of fandom — you just disregard that. Sometimes you’re motivated to have things simply because it’s possibly going to piss off or provoke people who seem to have missed the memo about just what exactly “Star Trek” is and always has been all about.

You mean Star Trek has always been a Young Adult Girls Empowerment Dystopian Action Fantasy? And has always featured constant graphic violence and f-bombs?


Oh right, of course, how wrong I was.


You can tell how much viewers (I don’t say “Fans”) love his show by the fact that every question is about how to ignore the verdict of the would-be audience:


You spent so much of your career as a novelist, and this is the first time you’ve been in charge of a season of television where you’re watching the story unfold, and seeing the reaction, over many weeks.

It’s weird, yeah! I mean, one possible response that I could have had — and I think some of my partners on “Picard” do have — is to ignore it all completely.


You know who doesn’t have to ignore audience reaction? People making a successful show that the audience enjoys and wants to see more of.


Or to just take a little glance, maybe look at Rotten Tomatoes, see what the kind of consensus of the reviews from the critics has been, which has been pretty darn favorable, and just sort of leave it at that.


OF COURSE! Insulate yourself inside the Safe Space of curated SJW Rotten Tomatoes reviewers. Who cares what actual Star Trek audience members think!

Hey, you got a positive review from Princess Weekes of TheMarySue.com! That matters more than cracking a 0.8 rating.



Read the whole thing. Definitely worth your time.


Our friends from Clownfish TV also weighed-in on this recent interview:



Star Trek PICARD: Media HATES IT Like Showrunner HATES the Fandom?!

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