Person of the Year Poll Quickly Shut Down as J.K. Rowling Was Winning


One of The Guardian newspaper’s recent online polls was seeking nominations for “Person of the Year,” but it was suddenly switched off, leading to speculation that it was shut down because author J.K. Rowling quickly and handily grabbed the lead. On December 15, the poll was released with a basic question: “Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?”


But by Wednesday the poll was closed, prompting speculation from a number of outlets that because author J.K. Rowling was such a popular pick, the the Guardian had no choice but to lock it down. It still exists, but has been disabled and is no longer accepting entries.


Online reactions were brutal.








Trans activists attacked Rowling last year when she warned that youngsters who are suspected of being “trans” should not be “shunted into hormones and surgery.” She was previously labeled a “TERF” — “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” — for supporting the freedom of a woman to refuse to refer to someone who is not biologically feminine as a woman. The suggestion that biological sex distinctions maintain some relevance independent of “gender identification” has enraged the left.




 While many in Hollywood and those involved with the Harry Potter film series denounced Rowling, some franchise stars such as Ralph Fiennes and Robbie Coltrane, have both defended Rowling. Rowling eventually wrote a response describing her personal experiences as a survivor of sexual assault and violence where she defended her belief that the concept of men becoming women erases womanhood entirely.


In spite of being uninvited to the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, the doxing, and the death threats from the “trans community,” Rowling remains firm and defiant, telling trans activists that the best way to “prove your movement isn’t a threat to women, is to stop stalking, harassing and threatening us.”


Now it appears that any evidence that normies, or Muggles, still heavily support the author must be kept under wraps, at least according to The Guardian. 


Todd Fisher

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