PBS Kids’ Clifford the Big Red Dog Latest Toon Promoting LGBT Values


Christian Headlines reports that PBS continues to degenerate into shoveling LGBT propaganda into previously established properties, the latest being their Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon, and now, the new rendition is being used to promote married lesbians:


The beloved animated show Clifford the Big Red Dog in recent weeks became the second PBS Kids series with a recurring LGBT character when one of Emily Elizabeth’s friends brought her two moms to a dinner party.

The series, based on a popular Scholastic book character, follows the exploits of an energetic girl named Emily Elizabeth and her giant red dog, Clifford, who is the size of a house.

It was rebooted by PBS and Amazon Prime last year with new animation and new voices. It is within this reboot that two lesbian characters were introduced – although it may not be obvious to many children.

In the episode in question, “The Big Red Tomato/Dogbot,” Emily Elizabeth holds an outdoor dinner party for her friend Samantha. When the dinner is set to begin, Samantha walks up with her two moms.

“Won’t you please join us?” Emily Elizabeth asks.

“It would be our pleasure,” one of the women replies. “Oooh, something smells delicious!”

Samantha and her moms then prepare to sit down and eat dinner with Emily Elizabeth and her mom as Clifford watches.

The two moms are not identified within the episode, but the credits call them “Dr. Mulberry” and “Ms. Mulberry.” In other episodes, Samantha calls each of the women “Mom.” In the episode titled “The Birdwell Island Blues/The Big Red World,” she calls Dr. Mulberry “Mom,” and in “Making Lemonade Out of Lemons/The Watering Hole,” she calls Ms. Mulberry “Mom.”

Clifford the Big Red Dog is the second PBS Kids series with an LGBT character. Last year, the series Arthur broke new ground when the primary character’s male school teacher, Mr. Ratburn, married a man. It was the first gay wedding in PBS Kids history.


And that’s not all. Sesame Street appears to have succumbed to LGBT propaganda too:


Recently, Sesame Street recorded an episode with gay actor Billy Porter wearing a dress.

As somebody who grew up watching Sesame Street and the Muppets, it’s truly awful to discover something once thought to be a decent children’s product cave to this atrocious mentality. Interestingly, I noticed Porter make an appearance with the Elmo monster Muppet, seen in that picture on the side. As some may recall from nearly a decade ago, Kevin Clash, the ex-Muppeteer who served as Elmo’s most notable player, was accused in late 2012 of exploiting minor boys in a disturbing sex scandal, and had to resign. In the years since, it looks like it had quite a financial effect on him, seeing as later, he had to sell a NYC apartment he once owned. Is Porter’s photograph with Elmo some kind of nod to the disgrace Clash turned out to be?


The CTW producers supposedly wanted to make sure they could move away from the taint Elmo was bound to suffer from if they’d kept Clash on any longer, yet here we have this ideologue Porter going along and taking pictures with the Muppet who’d been handled by Clash for at least a quarter century, and potentially bringing back memories of the scandal to anyone familiar with it in 2012. This is no more helpful than it is to take their animated programs and turn them into propaganda arms.


And on that note, what cartoon will PBS be turning inside out next? The Magic School Bus? There’s been far too much of this LGBT propaganda being stuffed into only so many different products that could be aimed at children over the past decade or so, and the time’s come to give it a rest already, because most sensible families don’t approve and it’s getting awfully tiresome by now. By the time the animation industry does stop, however, it’s bound to be when the whole of Hollywood collapses, as it’s going to sooner or later.



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