Pathetic: Lucasfilm Story Group Writers Can’t Get Their ‘Facts’ Straight

Pablo Hidalgo Publishes A Discrepancy




Recently Pablo Hidalgo published Star Wars: Fascinating Facts, Story, Lore & History From The Greatest Galaxy. He probably could have squeezed the word “former” somewhere into the title, but I digress.



Twitter user @Oozer has posted some pages from the book, including this one:


Not an eco-friendly use of printing space.



Now this is simply fascinating. Because back in June of 2018, Mark Hamill told IGN:


“I happen to know that George didn’t kill Luke until the end of IX, after he trained Leia,” Hamill said. “Which is another thread that was never played upon [in The Last Jedi].”


Did Pablo fail to fact check his fascinating facts? Is he simply mistaken? Is his memory failing? Is it a typo? Or is something more nefarious going on here?


We have to ask, because readers may recall a while back when the media attempted to push the notion that the depiction of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi was exactly what George Lucas had intended. For SJWs in the legacy media, the nuanced distinction between sabbatical Luke and vagrant Jake was simply lost on them, so they saw the tangential resemblance to Lucas’ treatments as a sign that Jake Skywalker was always what he had intended.


SJWs will likely also see this as a sign that Luke’s death in VIII was always what was intended as well and thumb their nose at TLJ critics, not understanding that there is a distinction between concept and execution.


Or this may be part of an overall effort to rehabilitate the Disney Trilogy by pushing the notion that everything in it was what George Lucas had intended all along. Reports of the distancing from Lucas’ ideas early on, and the media’s own recorded comments, will make this a hard sell. The media and other assorted SJWs can’t seem to decide if Lucas’ Sequel Trilogy ideas were terrible, or if his treatments were the basis for their beloved Last Jedi. So they probably shouldn’t be paid too much attention to.


Not to mention, why would George feel “betrayed,” according to Bob Iger, if the Disney Trilogy were so close to his treatments?


But there may be a way to reconcile this discrepancy.


While Pablo has secreted himself away to a private Twitter paradise after a series of online embarrassments, Mark Hamill is still quite active on Twitter in public and routinely answers fan questions. Perhaps if enough fans ask him about this discrepancy, Mark will offer an answer.


We can also wait for Star Wars author J. W. Rinzler to publish his The Rise And Fall Of Star Wars book. He claimed to be aware of what the atmosphere was like when George learned they weren’t going to use his treatments, so perhaps he knows something about the treatments themselves.


Additionally, Dale Pollock had seen the treatments for the Sequel Trilogy back in 2012. Perhaps he could be asked.


Or, Disney could simply publish George Lucas’s treatments as they are, and put their cards on the table.




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Pablo Hidalgo Can’t Get His Fascinating Facts Straight


Pablo studies addition and subtraction during lunch break.



Someone found more amusing problems with Pablo Hidalgo’s new book, Star Wars: Fascinating Facts, Story, Lore & History From The Greatest Galaxy.



So, what’s she pointing out? Let’s take a closer look.



David Burton spells out the discrepancy:



But wait! There’s more!


a 13 year gap
a 16 year gap


But Matt Martin gave us a perfectly good reason for all of this some time back:




I’m sure that will satisfy even the most critical fan.


Perhaps Pablo can enlist Marvel to produce an explanatory comic book. I suggest they use “time compression.”


Thanks to R. Kester for the tip.



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