Patch Zircher Attacks ComicsGate & Ethan Van Sciver

Marvel and DC Comics, have both been known to have a healthy stockpile of unprofessional creators and editors within their companies, but every once in a while, one will publicly prove that they are worse than most others. This is where I want to talk about Marvel Comics artist Patrick Zircher. Over the past week, it seems he has lost his mind. He posted several tweets on his personal Twitter account, attacking not only comicsgate, but fellow artist Ethan Van Sciver and members of the comics community at large.

I get that not everyone is going to get along, that will never happen. but at some point there should be a standard for professionalism within the comic book industry, and this should be demonstrated by the big two. Unfortunately, even as he wishes harm upon Comicsgaters, Marvel Comics and Disney still seem to do nothing.

In my video below, I go over the article that outlined just exactly how awful this man has been to customers, and the fans. 

Tristen Just

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