OT Star Wars Fans Should Beware Of Lucasfilm Bearing Gifts

“Eat your cookie and shut up.” ~Lucasfilm


Disney insider WDW Pro writes the following at Pirates and Princesses:


With Disney in financial straits – and trust me, that’s an article upcoming because their stock is highly, highly inflated (which is all that is keeping them afloat) – they can no longer throw their middle finger to fans and dictate what they must like. Luke Skywalker sells toys. He sells a lot of toys. Rey does not. The Mandalorian has been the only Star Wars franchise that has GROWING success over time. So what does Disney do? Disney puts Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian. And they’re going to do it again.

Here’s where Disney is going with all of this. They need Luke Skywalker to be back, redeemed, and the Jedi master fans want him to be. Toy manufacturers need Luke Skywalker back. Marketing needs Luke Skywalker back. Game developers need Luke back. The only people who don’t need Luke back are ideologically-driven nut jobs who tried to fundamentally change Star Wars and the millennia-old concept of the hero’s journey. Dave Filoni has a plan to bring back Luke Skywalker and the hero’s journey that makes Star Wars actually work. In a decade, Last Jedi will be seen like one of those comics where Superman died back in the 90s… yeah, it technically happened, but they retconned it so he’s back every single time. But how are they going to do that? And is that the reason that Filoni has been complimentary to Johnson? Is it because he knows he’s about to gut what Johnson wanted to do?


WDW Pro then goes on to describe the road map they’ll follow with the Luke Skywalker character. You can read the details of that at Pirates and Princesses. But it essentially boils down to Explanatory Universe baggage, where they explain away everything that happened in the Disney Trilogy as not at all what we thought it was, but something else instead. Meaning that ultimately, Rey and the Disney Trilogy would remain intact, with additional material produced that attempts to change the nature and meaning of it.


The only thing I’m interested in is George Lucas’s trashed treatments for the Sequel Trilogy. I have no interest in learning more about Rey, or why the green milk vomiting Jake Skywalker was some kind of ruse. Others may disagree.


But there are some problems I have with this scenario.


In The Art of The Rise Of Skywalker, Filoni was quoted as saying:


“There’s a potential idea there about the matriarchy coming back and subverting what has always been dominantly patriarchal in male heroes, Zeus, Hercules, and everything else.”


John Knoll says:


The Super-intriguing setup in Empire, “That boy is our only hope.” “No, there is another” I felt cheated in Jedi that this really didn’t go anywhere.  But maybe Yoda is really talking about what happens with Leia in VIII, thirty years in the future.


To which Dave Filoni replies:


“I love that.  We should shift it so Leia is the Obi-Wan of the entire Trilogy.

It’s dangerous because it makes it so about the women of Star Wars.  Something to me says that’s right.

There is something happening culturally.  You look at birth, regeneration, the world itself needing healing: All of those things are emblematic of the ‘mother’ character in myth.  They are all matriarchal things, Mother Earth itself, global warming is a hot topic.”


So why would the guy that wanted to shift the Disney Trilogy from patriarchal to matriarchal, and who wanted to shift it so that Leia was the Obi-Wan instead of Luke, suddenly come up with a plan to redeem the Luke Skywalker character? Something about this doesn’t make sense.


Also, Back in August 2019, WDW Pro wrote, “certain lead individuals at Lucasfilm have had a palpable disdain for Luke.”


Which lead individuals? What is the nature of their “palpable disdain?”


How does this new attempt to redeem Luke reconcile with that?


I posed those questions to WDW Pro in the comments section of the Pirates and Princesses blog post. If he answers, I’ll update this blog post. But why would leadership with a palpable disdain for the character have any desire to redeem him? Remember, these are political activists who think of “profit” as a dirty word.


But the biggest problem I have with all of this, is that I know too much about how modern Lucasfilm treats the Luke Skywalker character in all of its other media.


Degrading Luke Skywalker



So I can’t fathom any scenario where they’ll actually redeem the character. Those within Lucasfilm simply do not have the mindset to so, even if they wanted to, which I doubt they do anyway.


To be perfectly frank here, while many fans were understandably delighted to see a Luke Skywalker in his prime show up in The Mandalorian, all that was really seen by most accounts, was about 5 to 10 minutes of lightsaber usage, and a few lines of dialogue. That’s a long way from a full series. The real test of how they’ll actually treat the character would be a full series where they’d have to come up with a lot more material than that.


So what I can fathom taking place, is Disney using the tiny slice of nostalgic dog and pony show in The Mandalorian, to lure fans into watching a full series that will degrade the Luke Skywalker character further. Heck, it wouldn’t even surprise me if they appoint Rian Johnson as the show runner. After all, Kathleen Kennedy is still in charge.


And remember, Lucasfilm is the same company that used Luke Skywalker turning around at the end of The Force Awakens, to lure fans into the theaters for The Last Jedi to watch him suck on an alien teat.


Clownfish TV comments:


Disney WILL FIX Luke Skywalker?! Journos and Twitter are FURIOUS!




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