Op-Ed: The Casual Bigotry & Anti-White Racism at Lucasfilm Pt. 2



Previously discussed here, and in a series of columns written over the past two years, I’ve demonstrated how apparent hatred of the “white male” appears to be a prerequisite for getting hired to work for Lucasfilm. Sadly, the deep dive into the race obsessed lunatics hired by Lucasfilm continues. If you thought Disney was going to change their hiring practices, From A Certain Point Of View sadly demonstrates otherwise.


White And Straight Worlds Are Boring To Emily Skrutskie


Our journey through the race obsessed minds of Lucasfilm turds continues with a look at Emily Skrutskie, who writes a short story for the anthology From A Certain Point Of View.



More examples can be read here.


It Seems Michael Moreci is Unaware That He Himself Is White

Our harrowing journey through the mentality of white male hating Lucasfilm writers continues with white male Michael Moreci, who wrote a short story for the Star Wars anthology, From A Certain Point of View.



One of the more bizarre aspects of Social Justice Warrior activists (SJWs) psychopathology is how the white male SJW tends to be the loudest when it comes to expressing bigotry towards the white male. It may be an attempt at self deprecation, or it could be an expression of self loathing. Or maybe they just put on a performance to get a job writing stories for Del Rey and Lucasfilm. More study into this peculiar phenomenon is certainly needed.







Even more can be found here

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