Op-Ed: The Casual Bigotry & Anti-White Racism at Lucasfilm Pt 10


Previously discussed here herehereherehereherehere, here, and here – along with my series of columns written over the past two years, where I’ve demonstrated how apparent hatred of the “white male” appears to be a prerequisite for getting hired to work for Lucasfilm. Sadly, the deep dive into the race obsessed lunatics hired by Lucasfilm continues. If you thought Disney was going to change their hiring practices, From A Certain Point Of View sadly demonstrates otherwise.



Let’s do this…


“Star Wars Movies Use Black Women Like White People Season Food”

Brittany N. Williams



Our journey through the cult of hatred for white people at Lucasfilm continues with a look at Brittany N. Williams, who wrote a short story for the Star Wars anthology, From A Certain Point Of View.



With such a positive view of the franchise, Brittany must be a really big fan.






























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Rob Hart Doesn’t Believe “Pasty White Prep School Kids”


Our journey through the insane babble about white males from Lucasfilm writers continues with a look at Rob Hart, who wrote a short story for the Star Wars anthology, From A Certain Point Of View.


One wonders if Rob will ever look into a mirror and discover his own pasty whiteness. And just like our old friend Chuck Wendig, Rob is no fan of “civility.”





















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Lots of projection there. Now do the exercise, wherever you see the word “white” above, swap it out for any other melanin tone and you’ll immediately see how racist and bigoted their public statements are. Don’t give money to people that hate you.

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