On the Increased Depictions of Vaping on Television Shows

Smoking and movies & TV shows have an immense connection. Many people have chosen cigarettes because their favorite characters from the TV series or movie smoke the puff. Peaky Blinders and James Bond some of the great examples here. But now more and more researches have proven traditional tobacco cigarettes are very hazardous for health and even they can lead to serious illnesses. That is why the popularity of vaping as a good alternative to smoking has increased. People can easily get vape devices from any vape store online and somehow this has managed to sneak to movies and TV shows as well. Here are some of the popular TV series which depicted vaping.




House of Cards

The seven-year-old American remake of a BBC miniseries with actors like Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright showed vaping in a good way. Lead character. Frank (Kevin Spacey) is seen vaping e-cigarettes to get rid of his tobacco addiction. According to him, it is something completely different from smoking, because it is only steam.



True Detective

The first season starring stars like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was a huge success for HBO. Both actors played investigators who are working on one of the cruelest cases in their careers. But here, we are talking about season 2 where Paul Woodrugh (Played by Taylor Kitsch) comments on Ani Bezzerides (Played by Rachel McAdams) using an e-cigarette in the car.



2 Broke Girls

The first season of the series premiered in 2011 and it shows the life of Max and Caroline, the unlucky owners of a cupcake café who are forced to rebuild their lives. In season four, episode eleven, a group of “hipsters” is shown vaping e-cigarettes in the local restaurant and they are kicked out because of it. It can be mentioned that the character Sofie steams in the same restaurant at another time and nobody cares.



If you haven’t seen this AMC series, then we would describe it as ” Bicentennial Man” on steroids. In the distant future, one begins to use the so-called “synth”, a human-looking robot with AI. In this series, vaporizer Drummond stands for vaping and this has led to some positive discussions about e-cigarettes and vaping in various online forums.



The Simpsons

This American sitcom has discussed vaping more than once in the last decade. In a 2015 episode titled ” Let’s Go Fly a Coot,” Millhouse’s cousin Annika shows Bart the vaping and starts buying e-cigarettes at a store. There was controversy because of the result, as Baby Maggie is also shown steaming. Gardener Willie also steams in the following clip, of course with his bagpipes.




Billions season 5 is coming that’s for sure. In a sequence of the third season, there is a scene of a vaping device. The series characters Bobby and Lara Axelrod share an e-cigarette in the second episode and that has led the vaporizer used in the series to another level of popularity.



So, these are just a few examples that we have stated. There many series that have portrayed vaping as an alternative to smoking. Even Sons of Anarchy has inspired some people to launch their e-liquid brand. If you have noticed vaping in other series then tell us in the comment box.

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