Nothing ‘Cute’ About It: You May Cancel Netflix After Seeing This

Warning: the content in this article may be upsetting for some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.



Netflix just released the controversial ‘Cuties’ and in spite of the continuous gaslighting by their allies in the mainstream access media, the film is far worse than you could have imagined. As you can see from the Rotten Tomatoes audience score, the disparity between the media reviewers and normal people is massive.


When the promotion artwork was first released back in August, more than 150,000 people contacted Netflix to demand the removal of the film over its sexualization of children. Obviously they had not seen the film yet, (but much like DVD pornography) the promotional materials alone told them all they needed about the contents. However, the mainstream press mocked and ridiculed the angry subscribers.



The Guardian was quick to denounce the naysayers:


Cuties is, according to its synopsis, about Amy, an 11-year-old Senegalese Muslim, who is torn between the traditional values of her background and a group of rebellious young girls. Accordingly, the artwork selected to accompany previews of the film on Netflix, depicts Amy and other members of the gang in various twerking poses, presumably acting out some kind of routine. The picture is fairly tasteless, featuring the girls in flesh-baring tube tops and sexualised poses, which is what led to the online calls for the film’s cancellation (from people who hadn’t seen it).


Even Marvel Studios actress Tessa Thompson came to the film’s defense, expressing disappointment that anyone would have a problem with the film.



“The audience is confronted by sexualised dance moves from 11-year old characters and we are forced to consider a world which encourages women and girls to act in that way.”




Let’s take a look at some clips from this “beautiful film” that  Ms. Thompson was so impacted by, shall we?



(Warning: some of the following clips and images may be considered NSFW)


The critics are totally on board with this stuff.



Netflix ‘damage control’ tried to center the controversy on the film’s promotional art, which they changed, but the real issue is the whole movie.





However, either of those promotional posters is perfectly tame when you compare them to the actual contents on the film! Is this Tessa Thompson’s idea of important art


Netflix's 'Cuties' | Scene 02


At least Turkey knows child exploitation when they see it:



Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy said last month the film “may cause children to be open to negligence and abuse, and negatively impact their psychosocial development,” noting it appeared like a children’s movie, but had an 18+ rating. Cuties Cuties drew harsh criticism in the US especially due to its now removed movie poster in which underage girls posed while twerking. Netflix has quickly apologised and amended the poster after it was accused of sexualising children.



“I received numerous attacks on my character from people who had not seen the film, who thought I was actually making a film that was apologetic about hypersexualisation of children”
– Cuties director Maïmouna Doucouré


Really, Mr. Doucouré? Did you think this would be okay?


Netflix's 'Cuties' | Scene 03


Netflix is streaming this film (and others like it) into homes where young, impressionable girls can watch it. And where grown men with sexual attraction to children will probably pleasure themselves to these and other scenes. In case you believe everyone is just being naive and didn’t think this had anything to do with pedophilia, watch this scene where the creepy adult bizarrely stares for an uncomfortably long time at the young girls’ pelvic area :


Netflix's 'Cuties' | Scene 04


Is there any point in mentioning the terrible acting throughout? This is not high art.  I think that’s enough clips, but here is a short list of other shocking things that happen in this film:

  • an 11 year old girl takes a photo of her vagina and posts it online (this clip is particularly unsettling)
  • the 5 young girls take a turn at webcam porn
  • a young girl tries to take a photo of a schoolboy’s penis
  • an 11 year old girl finds a used condom and blows it up like a balloon


And there’s so much more. Take a look at these highlights presented in the Parent’s Guide to the film from demonstrating the ample nudity the picture contains.



Reader, this is no masterpiece. ‘Cuties’ is not a good film by any conceivable measure.  And while I have NO problem with nudity and sexual situations in a movie for adults, there is NO way I could ever endorse, or even allow this kind of material involving 11-year old girls. Just think for a moment about how many people had to greenlight this for it to be made and make it to Netflix for steaming. At least a few hundred adults viewed this and said ‘OK, lets do it’! People paid money to make this.


This goes far beyond any fake outrage or super-conservative viewpoints. ‘Cuties’ is a landmark in the movement to normalize and legalize child sexual exploitation.


And make no mistake, Netflix is at the forefront of sexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia. This isn’t their first foray into this kind of child-centric exploitative material. Almost identical content can also be found in Netflix’s animated series Big Mouth, a cartoon that’s been going for 3 seasons on the streaming service and is playfully described as a “raucous, delightfully vulgar exploration of puberty.” The series follows a group of children, “navigating their way through puberty, masturbation, and sexual arousal.”



One of the characters is a 13-year-old girl named Missy, “a modern-day answer to Lisa Simpson.” And according to Vanity Fair, Missy is innocent, but certainly not perfect:


She’s an innocent little nerd whose breathless, high-pitched voice belies the hormonal pre-teen within. Her budding sexuality outpaces her physical development; she’s frequently masturbating this season, even though she still has the body of a child… Missy masturbates with her favorite childhood toy, a stuffed worm, in an act her family calls ‘worm dancing.’


In one episode, two of the young characters are taken into a nude women’s spa, where they are beguiled by a female demon until they eventually take off their clothes and begin dancing with other naked adults.




Reader, if you don’t think there is a public effort going on in our culture to normalize sexual relations between adults and minors, then just take a look at California State Senator Scott Wiener, (D-San Francisco). Sen. Wiener is  the same lawmaker who co-sponsored a bill back in 2017 to remove any penalty for knowingly exposing another person to HIV. Last month, the Senator introduced another controversial bill (Senate Bill 145) to give judges more flexibility in sentencing adults who have sex with minors.


What’s that? And who is that canvassing with Mr. Weiner?





Politics aside, one thing is crystal clear: Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings should have to answer for this. He has created, and leads, a $200 billion company that streams child exploitation and pedophilia into the homes of 193 million people. 


And this is not the first time Netflix has pimped little kids to the naked-under-the-raincoat crowd. Baby was a series that glorified sex trafficking of 15-year-olds, and the movie Desire, featured a scene where a pre-teen girl is depicted masturbating herself to orgasm. There are other streaming platforms willing to accept your lucre that don’t promote this kind of child exploitation. You may have taken the time to sign the petition to have Cuties removed from Netflix, but if you’re honest with yourself, then you know the next step that any reasonable adult should take. 



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