No One Wants Sermons from Entertainment Journalists

Ever since I’ve been writing articles, there has been a longstanding issue with moralizing from journalists. Keep in mind that journalists often times aren’t experts at anything. Now imagine one of these experts in nothing trying to tell you how to live your life. Not a fun feeling whatsoever.

So, while I was doing some redesign on my YouTube channel, I took some time to turn on my camera and discuss these longstanding issues. You have to keep in mind that nobody who comes to any sort of entertainment wants to be preached to. Nobody wants to read Mark Waid’s dissertation on feminism. Nobody wants to read a comic book review about a Venom comic that has a bunch of worthless lines about Donald Trump that have nothing to do with Venom. People come to a trade press to read about a specific industry. 

Let’s keep it that way. 


People don't want sermons from Journalists

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis is a former video game journalist who has appeared on Blistered Thumbs, Techraptor, SuperNerdLand, and Truthrevolt, and focuses his Youtube channel on the nerd subculture, politics, and the growing intersection between the two. He focuses on the politics surrounding the art industry, the importance of keeping the market free, the rights of the people involved, and (of course) the games, movies, television, and so forth that we all enjoy.