New Study Disproves Connection Between Sexism & Sexy Videogames


I found a psychology researcher named Chris Ferguson announcing the following study available:



The study reportedly shows there’s no correlation between sex in such entertainment and sexist attitudes. While this file in itself requires pay per download, the Canadian TV host Liana Kerzner got an advance copy



She also spoke about it in the following video:



Another Study Shows No Link Between Video Games and Sexism



I thought I’d cite this here because the argument can apply just as easily to comicdom, along with many other forms of visual arts, proving that sexiness in entertainment doesn’t produce sexist attitudes, or any other negative form of mindset. But if you haven’t seen the mainstream media (MSM) talking about it, that should come as no surprise. For them, only the studies declaring violent entertainment as something that leads to a bad outcome are newsworthy. Which is a shame, of course, because if anything needs to be debated, it’s whether violence in entertainment has gone too far, not sexuality per se.


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Avi Green

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