New DC Animated Film: Superman: Man of Tomorrow This Summer

The coronavirus pandemic means DC superhero fans will have to wait a little longer to see upcoming live-action movies like Wonder Woman: 1984 or the Suicide Squad sequel, but the good news is there’s a new animated DC film to look forward to.

This summer sees the release of Superman: Man of Tomorrow, which finds Clark Kent working as an intern for the Daily Planet and learning on the job how to save the city of Metropolis.


Darren Criss, who can be seen on Netflix this weekend starring in Ryan Murphy’s new drama Hollywood, will lead the Superman: Man of Tomorrow cast as the Man of Steel himself. Zachary Quinto, who got his start playing the murderous supervillain Sylar on NBC’s Heroes, will here voice one of the greatest supervillains of all time: Lex Luthor. And Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas) will voice Lois Lane. 

Superman: Man of Tomorrow becomes available on digital video, 4K Ultra combo pack, and Blu-ray combo pack this summer. 



via EW

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