Need a Break from the Culture War? Try Fighting Games YouTube


While many of us are enjoying watching the collapse of Star Wars with the Acolyte, there are others who seem to need a break from the endless culture war.  Humans can be contrarian by nature and will sometimes defend bad things just to appear above or smarter than those others.  You might have even seen your favorite content creators going to bat for something they would have detested in the past.


For those people, I say, give the culture war a break. If it’s impossible to stop watching the YouTube channels that bother you so, how about adding some non-culture war videos to your algorithm? For that break, I find fighting games YouTube to be a palette cleanser.


The Channels



The name really says it all. If that doesn’t tell you what this fighting gamer is all about, then his catchphrase of “with the greatest of ease” should. SMUG is an esports gamer who uploads daily fighting game videos. While he is known for his infatuation with Dudley from Street Fighter: Third Strike, SMUG does provide an eclectic mix of games on his channel. SMUG video setup is basic and that is a good thing. There is something genuine when you can hear his controller inputs as he fights. With legendary trash talk, SMUG is not shy about letting an opponent know he is better than them, and his facial expressions are priceless when he does actually lose. Check out his videos challenging Justin Wong, who we’ll talk about below, to see them. If you are looking for purely fighting game versus content, this is the channel to sub to. 



Maximilian Dood

This entry will be short because Maximilian Dood is arguably the biggest fighting game channel on YouTube. He says so on his channel profile.


That aside, Maximilian Dood maintains his popularity because of his in-depth coverage of all things fighting games, and sometimes, other genres. If you are new to fighting games, Maximilian Dood’s reaction and breakdowns are a good place to start. Given the size of his channel, Maximilian Dood is given access others are not, but don’t let this fool you. I have yet to see Maximilian Dood shill for a game, and he is brutally honest with those that disappoint. But be warned, there are curse words in his videos so it’s not always kid friendly.  




As a writer, it’s often interesting to hear about the lore every fighting game has that most people don’t pay attention to. However, after decades, most of this lore can be fairly convoluted to wade through. What games are, or are not cannon, or which characters have turned bad or outright died in the story. Never fear, Shoryu Game is here to breakdown lore for you. Doing the heavy lifting, Shoryu Game will tell the history of your favorite characters and the entire storyline of a fighting game. Plus, he also shares my affinity for the King of Fighter franchise, which I feel has the most cohesive storyline in all fighting games series. Many of these fighting game stories are far more intricate and tragic than you would expect, so give his channel a try if you want to know why your favorite fighters join their tournaments every year.




Jmcrofts is the everyman of the fighting game community and probably the guy you’re most likely to have a beer with. Affable and skilled, Jmcrofts plays most of the same games as the others but probably does more to explain the intricacies of a fighting game, which can be very complicated for people new to the genre. What sets Jmcrofts apart, and relatable to viewers, is you actually see him struggle in the same ways as you. Don’t get me wrong, Jmcrofts is very good at fighting games, and far above the average player, but he does lose and doesn’t mind letting you see it. It helps to know that even these pros can sometimes get humiliated, but they never stop trying to get better.


Jmcrofts also collaborates with other fighting game YouTuber’s for videos, so if the people on this list are not for you, you’ll find others to take a look at by just watching his channel.



Justin Wong

For those who are not already into fighting games, they might not know it, but Justin Wong is a legend in the industry. Not because he was the victim of the greatest moment in fighting game history, Evo Moment #37, but he owned that loss and went on to become one of fighting games’ greatest winners.


Known for telling players to get better, Justin does not hold back when playing sets online. If you’re a scrub, he will take you to task as if you were a pro in the championship round. Justin is so good at the craft that other fighting game YouTubers can make content by just challenging him to random games in the hopes of beating him. They often don’t.  I think a lot of Justin viewers tune in just in the hopes of seeing him lose, which is hilarious in his chats.


While Justin does use God’s name in vain too often, his video editor, Queuss, makes some of the funniest fighting game videos you will see. Just edit the GD’s out too Justin!



Honorable Mention: Retro Cheating

While not solely a fighting game channel like the others, Retro Cheating does dabble in the genre and many others. Using cheat codes from the past, this channel uploads playthrough’s or chapters of classic videogames. It’s great to see videogames you might have forgotten to tickle that nostalgia using cheat codes we used to scour magazines for. Reminds you of simpler times.  


You Choose Your Outrage

YouTube’s algorithm has been accused of radicalizing on both sides, but its really not that complicated. Watch a single Jenna Bandy video and you’ll fall into what my friends and I call “The Bandy Trap”.  If you clicked on that link, then don’t be surprised to see more of her videos until you stop clicking on them. If the culture war is making you miserable, then click on something else to break the cycle. Cooking, Farming, Homesteading, DIY, anything else to reset the algorithm. 


While I enjoy these fighting game channels for their lack of politics, full disclosure: I’m not on many socials, so perhaps some of these creators are the worst people on the planet. Maybe they spend all day talking politics and degrading fans, I wouldn’t know. However, I have yet to see any culture war or politics in their videos, which is refreshing. They are all about fighting games and competition from what I can see, but tell us in the comments below if you’ve seen something different.  



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