NASA Releases Comic Honoring Unsung Hero of Apollo 13 Mission


The Laredo Morning Times talks about a comic biography NASA’s prepared that honors the memory of Arturo Campos, a prominent member of the Apollo 13 mission:


Laredo’s legend from the Apollo 13 mission is to be honored posthumously by sending a “moonikin” in his honor to the moon at a later date. But before that happens, Arturo Campos has already been immortalized in a different way.

Campos has been honored by NASA as part of a new comic book. He is the main protagonist of “The Adventures of Commander Moonikin Campos and Friends,” which also introduces two of the other moonikins to fly aboard with Campos’ moonikin including Helga and Zohar.


It’s certainly a clever idea, and will hopefully do justice for the guy’s memory.


Read Part 1 on NASA’s website


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