Happy New Year! My 2020 Predictions from the Multiverse!


Happy New Year, everyone! 2019 is now behind us and it’s an all new year. While I felt that 2019 was the year for obligations as far as my movie-going experiences, and was subsequently full of so many disappointments, this year has potential to be different and I’m excited about what’s in store for us at the cineplex!

Aside from Birds of Prey, almost all the geek-related movies that coming out appear to look great and seem to be more about appealing to the fans as opposed to pushing an agenda.


There are also a lot of 25th anniversaries in classic videogames as well as a number of great looking new games (like Doom Eternal) that are coming out this year.


As for comics, well that’s still up for debate, but I’m going to remain hopeful about what’s to come at DC now that Doomsday Clock has concluded. Over at Marvel? Well, meh, I don’t really care…


No matter what, here’s hoping 2020 ends up being so much better than 2019!


Talks from the Multiverse: Predictions for 2020

Robert Willing

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