Must All Characters Be Voiced by a Voice Actor With Matching Skin Color?



Why isn’t this character voiced by a Nautolan?


The profession of acting is the profession of playing pretend. Actors pretend to be things that they’re not. This is a double-edged sword because while it affords normal people with endless hours of entertainment and escapism, it also leads actors to delude themselves into thinking that they’re as knowledgeable about complex geo-political and socio-economic matters as some of the characters they play. Of course, they very rarely ever are.


But the concept of playing pretend is now taken very seriously by idiot SJWs who demand “representation” and other such foolishness. So much so, that now even cartoon characters must be played by their corresponding racial counterparts. For instance, virtue-signaling actors from the Simpsons and The Family Guy are walking away from roles that do not match the melanin content in their own skin in response to the current day political hysteria. This leaves one to wonder what the status of Darth Vader is?



Mr. Jones’ melanin content does not match the character.


The pure insanity of SJW ideology can lead us down a rabbit hole of all manner of ridiculous questions. For instance, what about Scooby Doo? Surely there must be a dog who can voice this dog character.



Canine voices are underrepresented in animation.


But the voice of The Clone War’s Kit Fisto, Phil LaMarr, is having none of this, and is ordering critics of this ridiculousness to not speak his name.




For Phill LaMarr, it’s melanin matching for thee, but not for me. Once again, hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW thought.


But interestingly, one of the primary people who created a “false equivalency” about underrepresented minorities voicing majorities was Phil LaMarr himself.





Phil LaMarr has apparently changed his mind about voice not having a race now that the Collective has ordered the abject stupidity of this new programming in all of its drones.


But since Phill LaMarr is ordering critics of this stupidity to not utter his name, let’s go ahead and repeat his name as often as possible to piss him off, and to demonstrate his complete and total lack of all authority.



Apparently Phill LaMarr is also guilty of taking away an Asian voice acting role. A terrible infraction in the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.




Phil has not answered Shuunnico’s question as of this writing.



Apparently Phil LaMarr has also appropriated a Latino character, by voicing Bail Organa on The Clone Wars.



Latinos may or may not be underrepresented according to Phil LaMarr.



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