Muppets Now Bringing Kermit & Co to Disney+ This Summer

Muppets Now is moving closer to becoming a reality, with a Summer 2020 premiere date on the horizon for the Disney+ show.

The streaming series has been in development since at least August 2019, when Kermit the Frog tweeted during D3 about the series making its way to Disney+ in 2020, an announcement that came months before Disney+ even launched. The show is expected to be unscripted, likely taking a form similar to common cable morning shows with various variety segments.


Initially, Muppets Now wasn’t the only new Muppets show in development for Disney+ as one of the most recognizable brands under the new streaming service’s umbrella. Muppets Live Another Day, was also destined for Disney+, with Josh Gad, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis developing the program ahead of a hopeful premiere in 2020. That show was scrapped, however, due to creative differences between Muppet Studios and the writers, leaving Muppets Now as the only Muppets-related series currently in development.

Luckily for fans of Jim Henson’s famous creation, Muppets Now is only months away from debuting.

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