‘Mulan’ Star Liu Yifei Used by the CCP to ‘Sex Bribe’ Joe Biden’s Son?

May not have smashed the patriarchy.


Anyone who is following the current drama over Hunter Biden may be familiar with Lude. He’s the Chinese dissident that is currently working with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to leak information from a laptop that Hunter Biden left at a computer shop for repair. Hunter abandoned the laptop, and the laptop contents eventually found its way to Rudy and Lude.


Lude is in the process of dumping the contents of the laptop on his Parler account and at GTV. You can also watch Lude on his YouTube Channel.


One of the recent dumps states that Mulan star Liu Yifei was used by the CCP to sex bribe Hunter Biden.


– click to watch on Parler


You can watch the video clip here.


If true, then so much for Disney’s endless and fake support of equality for women.


I have to wonder if Disney had any hand in facilitating this, if it’s true. I have to ask because many of the images of Hunter Biden with prostitutes that have been published on GTV were taken in California. And we know that Disney is happy to bend the knee to the Chicoms.



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