Mortal Kombat Movie Casting News & Race Swapping

I’ve been seeing a lot of GREAT news coming out related to the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie which is scheduled for release in 2020. The movie nabbed director James Wan, who did an absolutely amazing job on Aquaman. Last month, we also got more good news in that we would be getting Joe Talsim as the infamous Sub-Zero. This week I’ve learned about four new castings, but they’ve raised eyebrows among some of the individuals in the fan and gaming community.


They announced Mehcad Brooks, who plays Jimmy Olsen from Supergirl, has been cast as Jax. Tadanobo Asabo has been cast as Raiden. Sisi Stringer was cast as Mileena. And finally, Ludi Lin as Lui Kang. 


While some of these castings I find quite amazing, such as Jax and Raiden, even though many people now claim that Raiden has been race-swapped (in my video I prove them wrong), but the casting of Mileena and Liu Kang have definitely made me more than a bit worried about the upcoming movie.


In my video below I go over just exactly why I’m concerned, cover the faux race-swapping of Raiden, touch on the ACTUAL race swapping of Mileena, and rant about the absolutely abhorrent casting for Liu Kang.


Mortal Kombat | Movie News with Casting Four New Actors | Race Swapping Galore!

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