UPDATE: More on the J. Scott Campbell “Fixed Art” Foolishness




Artist Campbell was targeted again by the Orwellian anti-sex mob online because he’d taken issue with a cybertroll artist’s effort to desecrate his work on Amazing Spider-Man #601’s cover, spotlighting Peter Parker’s paramour Mary Jane Watson. Somebody who not only considered her beauty an abomination, but obviously isn’t a fan of her, or her creator Stan Lee. Not even of John Romita Sr, who as artist officiated her debut into the MCU back in 1966.


Needless to say, it’s offensive at this point that anybody with such a belittling mentality would come within even miles of associating themselves with Lee’s creations. But it does explain why Mary Jane could be ejected so easily from Spidey’s life in 2007, while these anti-sex freaks have no objections.



Including, stunningly enough, people with anime pictures in their profiles:




It’s hypocrisy at its worst when somebody allegedly big on a medium where surrealism reigns supreme starts lecturing about how to draw USA comics. Even before manga became such a phenomenon, American comics were already long big on the surrealism themselves, including Golden Age Marvel creations like Sub-Mariner.


To make matters worse, when Clownfish TV commented on this subject, Youtube censored a thumbnail with Mary Jane’s cleavage on it, as though it weren’t bad enough Lee’s leading lady, possibly inspired by his own wife Joan’s career as a model, was already being abused so badly by the PC crowd, ever since Joe Quesada first began this persecution of MJ 2 decades ago when he tragically became Marvel’s EIC. It risks a dangerous precedent of censoring material Lee himself fully approved of in his time.


And all the while, here’s the picture that’s being missed: the way JSC draws MJ is fine. But this was for a 2009 cover, about 2 years after Quesada forced a breakup of the Spider-marriage. Which brings us to the double-standard the SJWs have: they take offense at Mary Jane, yet they’re perfectly fine with Quesada destroying Peter and MJ’s marriage to suit his agenda. In a way, that’s the downside of the Spidey cover by Campbell: it hints at the status quo from the time. What good is such a coverscan when it doesn’t honor the marriage?


So I think it’s a terrible shame JSC had to go through with more of this online antagonism. But depending how how you view this, it’s honestly a shame he contributed an illustration for Spidey and Mary Jane at a timme when repellent editorial mandate was kept solid in place, and the coverscan does nothing to improve upon it.



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UPDATE: Unfortunately, even though people were defending the cuteness and appropriateness of drawing Spidey’s supermodel wife in an attractive feminine pose,   J. Scott Campbell back-peddled a few hours later and threw all of his defenders of that 10+ year old variant cover under the bus.






And the internet wasn’t happy.







What a shame. Ethan Van Sciver and Dan Fraga weighed in on Campell’s peculiar change of heart:




Az from HeelVsBabyface also felt bad for heaping praise on Campbell once he saw the turnabout.


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