False Assumptions Being Used to Malign Critical Star Wars Fans

Jacob’s Quest has released an incredibly ignorant infographic that attacks the critical fans. And as usual with idiot SJWs, it’s all about politics.



What’s most amusing about this infographic is the characteristic SJW inversion of what is detached from reality and what is grounded in reality. This of course is because SJWs subscribe to an ideology that stumbled out of the LSD laden piss holes of Woodstock back in the flatulent 1960s. Their entire belief system is founded on distortion of reality. So you always have to snicker when they appropriate words and phrases they’ve heard normal people say about them in an attempt to return them back to sender.


Generally speaking, the SJW views any citation of history as conspiracy. They prefer to remain ignorant of history so they can delude themselves into thinking that everything they do is blazing a trail of “progress.” They also view the presenting of factual evidence as conspiracy as well, preferring the medieval “torch and pitchfork” approach which is commonly referred to by them as “social justice.”


But unfortunately for them, I’ve produced numerous documentaries that easily discredit many of the claims in this moronic infographic. It’s not difficult to do, given the fact that uneducated SJWs never have any idea as to what they’re talking about.


Thanks to Dale Walker for the tip.



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