Mike’s Saturday Soapbox Revisited


This weeks Soapbox Revisited we go back to the early 90’s for a peek into The New Warriors #25. 

In this issue, Stan glorifies and appreciates Tom Defalco and the busiest of bees that worked at Marvel pushing out almost a hundred titles a month.

Stans wit and his gift with words and his turn of phrase are very evident and I feel he was being very genuine in his remarks and wanted the staff at Marvel to know it.

This might be in contrast to what might be going on behind closed doors and as I’ve said on many a soapbox before – is this starting to sound familiar? Is anyone noticing a pattern here?

Stan and staff might have been at each others throats, but from our perspective at that time, Marvel was a solid wall, a team, working together seemingly snag free to faithfully provide us with what we knew was the best damn entertainment for two bucks on the planet.

It should also serve to show the progressive state of our culture back then, when Generation X’ers like myself were exposed regularly and accepted and loved new stories, new characters, diverse cultures, points of view and ideas.

Perhaps we should ignore all that history and reality eh?

All of us who have been here for decades know that these “new” fans don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

We were the ORIGINAL community of geeks, outcasts and low lives – that everyone loved to hate. Apparently NOTHING has changed for us, now it’s just MORE haters working over us with industry support. Big change from what you read up there isn’t it?

We got the shit beat out of us over reading Captain America too, but by all means millennial’s, please tell us all about “THE REAL” bullying.

We love to hear you whinge on and on about the so-called abuse that’s destroying your life with bruised FEE FEES – resulting from terribly mean, mean tweets. QQ

How’d you feel to have your nose broken over a 1.25$ book?

It’s happened to me more than once and therefore I can say you babies know nothing of bullying and harassment. 



Perhaps these whiners should pick up some old books and check out some of the amazing stories of the past.

Sure there won’t be as many openly “anything” characters, but you’ll find plenty of women, varieties of cultures, people of colour.

You know, all of the things that you try to convince us never happened so you lot can come in like the cultural “saviours” of us all. 




So I hope you enjoyed this small look back into the murky days of Dark Age of Comic Books and I hope to see you here again next week. Cheers!!!










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