Mike’s Saturday Morning Soapbox Revisited: August 10th, 2019


Good Saturday morning/evening. This week I open up some mags of my favourite classic Heroes.

First up is from my longest running collection.  IRONMAN #278, March, 1992. 

I was reading Stans words up there and thought about all the different crossovers, guest appearances and the interesting and zany twists that can and do happen when writers and artists open up the floor and mix things up a bit.

News-strip editors looking for crossover material is definitely a dead trail these days with print media suffering so horribly, but the fact that readers were asking for something new and refreshing from something solid and stable was a sign of a demographic hungry for variety with their faithful stories.

In the Indie-Sphere, everything is a new creation and the creators guard their properties quite jealously and so it should be. 

However, I thought about all the great books coming out in our community and all the potential to tie in different projects with interesting “what ifs” and crossovers.

Material exchanges between creators for a one-off book might make for interesting interpretations of the work and concepts.

It might create new possibilities for collaboration and expansion of creators material and ideas. 

Combining these kinds of ideas and twists would absolutely be something that our community would welcome. I feel sure of it.

It would be a way to bind the whole community together on the page as well as social spaces. 





In this next section, I pulled out Doctor Strange #52 all the way back from April 1982.

Marshall Rogers is one of my favourite pencilers (go figure) since I was a boy.

Aside from his BATMAN work I’ve tried to collect as much of his work as I can.

In this issue, Jim Shooter is penning the BullPen.

He became editor at Marvel at a time when most of my generation came to know the FANTASTIC FOUR through Byrne’s pencil  work.

During this time, Frank Miller was revitalizing and fleshing out Matt Murdock, and under Jim Shooter created some of the most memorable and refreshing plunges into the DAREDEVIL world readers had yet to see.

Miller knew the character deserved better, fought for it and was able to save DAREDEVIL from cancellation. 

The  popularity that DAREDEVIL and other classic heroes have remained strong and vibrant because of this period of change-over, combined with new talent and new ideas.


I feel like we are in the same kind of time now.

The field is ripe, someone just has to plant something.

So recognize the new talent in our Indie-Sphere and support one another to create bigger and better things.

So we should try to recognize the vast talent and enormous pool of ideas in our Indie-Sphere.

Support one another and each others work to create bigger and better things and consider doing some exchange work.

It might break up monotony, give some inspiration and open up all new realms of potential for your creations themselves.










Here in Canada one of our most beloved story tellers – the late – Stewart Mclean used to say, inadvertently, gently keeping our egos in check, week after week for decades : 

“We’re big because we’re small”









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