Merry Christmas: Christmas & Well Wishes from the “Blandalorian”

That Christmas has become so many things to so many people, and cultures (and regrettably corporations), is amazing, but I must remind myself that it all started on a night long before commercialism, or Christmas Cake were even things.


It started with a child in a manger. 



Humbling beginnings for powerful things like grace, and redemption, but there you have it.  Powerful things have come from the most unexpected of places. The most profound of gifts are not manufactured and mass produced for a consumer (though we do enjoy those too), but spring from personal charity. Sacrifice of self. The vulnerable process of making personal change for the better.


Believer or no, spare a thought this Christmas not just to what we enjoy tangibly, but what brings joy itself.  Those sources intangible but all too real to us.


To the devout, it’s knowing that sin is forgiven, Hell overcome, and the love of God assured with the crucifixion of the Son at the foundation of the Earth.  But that’s the final chapters of the Gospel story. The death and rebirth. This Friday we celebrate those first important chapters.


Parents of a newborn boy, and some unexpected guests led to them by a star in the sky. The gold and myrrh were offerings.  The gift was that salvation had come into the world.


The miracle is somehow we deserve it.


Peace on Earth, and good will towards men. It’s almost unthinkable in the wake of this turbulent year, but I can’t think of a kinder, better thing to wish anyone, and everyone this Christmas.




Lucas Paris

A media anachronist, noir lover, voracious consumer of anime and manga. Lucas Paris "The Blandalorian" has written articles on actor Peter Lorre’s career and the prolific film producer Roger Corman for, and a speculative essay 'Egregore' for You can find him, and his pithy posts on Twitter @TheBlandalorian