Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Praises Useless Masks & ‘The Last Jedi’ Fan

A young man named Kyle spoke at the Sioux Falls City Council Meeting on November 17th, 2020. He closed his statement by saying that The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie. Rian Johnson was alerted to this, and was happy to use the clip to his advantage.




So why does Kyle like The Last Jedi? It has nothing to do with film craft.


At about the 2:26:00 minute mark in the council meeting video, Kyle talks about showing support for the mask mandate, and surprise, he has “a big sign out there.” Kyle is an “activist.” He rambles on with an unprepared statement about The Rock starring Sean Connery, assures us that our Constitutional rights are not being trampled on and that we won’t wake up in socialist Denmark, stresses the importance of staying home and not going anywhere, and he recites the Collective’s required buzzword “empathy.” The usual stuff.


So this isn’t extraordinary in the least given that Kyle complies with the politics that requires him to love The Last Jedi.


Interestingly, Twitter user Ridley asked a reasonable question in the original thread:




Well Ridley, that’s what happens when you kiss Rian’s crappy ass.


But when you juxtapose an “activist” next to reality, you begin to question Kyle’s rambling assertions.




Editor: Below are articles on two recent studies that came out this week which both appear to prove that mask wearing is of little use in combating COVID-19.


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