Marvel’s ‘New Warriors’ Series is Dead; No Network Wanted It


Geeks WorldWide reports that, after being passed on by multiple networks, Marvel’s New Warriors series is officially dead.

New Warriors was originally ordered to series as a superhero sitcom by Freeform, but after the pilot was filmed they decided to step away as distributor. Marvel Television shopped it around to other networks over the past year (including Disney+ and Hulu), but none were interested. Today, word came that the series is officially dead. High-level execs were said to have loved the pilot, so it’s a bit surprising and disheartening it couldn’t find a home.

The pilot hailed from Kevin Biegel and Jeph Loeb, and starred Milana Vanytrub, Derek Theler, Jeremy Tandy, Callum Worthy, Matthew Moy, Kate Comer, & Keith David. It followed six superpowered young heroes, including Squirrel Girl, Mr. Immortal, and Cannonball, as they attempted to make a positive impact on the world.

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