“Marvel’s Gayest Movie Ever” Continues MCU’s Woke Decline


The new, politically correct Marvel continues their descent into forced themes, as described by John Nolte at Breitbart when he reviewed Thor: Love & Thunder:


The woketardery does, of course, make things worse. The last thing a bad movie needs is to pile on more bad—and the bad goes like this: For no reason other than to check the woke boxes, we’re treated to a shoehorned conversation between the lesbian Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and gay Kronan (voiced by Taika Waititi) about their homosexual love lives. For equity purposes (or something), this conversation is intercut into a heterosexual romantic scene between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane, aka Lady Thor (Natalie Portman).

Oh, but don’t call her “Lady Thor.” She goes full-Karen if you call her “Lady Thor.” Actually, do call her “Lady Thor” because an outraged and offended “Lady Thor” can kick a whole lot more villainous butt than a non-outraged Lady Thor.

Imagine all the lives that might have been saved had someone called her “Lady Thor” in the first act instead of the last

The effect of all this awkward woking is off-putting, makes no sense story-wise, kills the emotion we’re supposed to feel for Thor and Jane, but does have one positive: it turns a forgettable movie into one that leaves a bad taste in your mouth—which makes it memorable, I guess.


But still unendurable, I guess in turn. Wow, some way to make a heterosexual love scene tasteless. And why Foster should take offense at anybody calling “Lady Thor”, I have no idea, unless that’s some way of emphasizing one of the most revolting ideas the PC left’s going by these days, that women should be self-despising.


And if you think the above descriptions of the screenplay are dismayingly cringeworthy, there’s also what to consider in the review posted at Hollywood in Toto:


Since this is Marvel Phase 4 we know the woke won’t be left behind. We’re reminded that King Valkyrie is a lesbian, twice, and another character’s back story involves two Dads who procreate.


Okay, I think that says enough. They sure know how to gross out people with common sense. Those who’re panning the movie are justified, but what’s a shame is if nobody’s taking issue with the fact comics writer Jason Aaron, one of the worst SJWs in comicdom for at least a decade now, was one of the story consultants for this forced mess. If more did, there could be some much needed accountability brought up for the sorry state of modern comics along with movies and other forms of entertainment.



To understand how some good products go more sour than the milk left too long in the fridge, that’s why it does a lot of good to research where some of this stuff is coming from. And coming as the story ingredients in Thor: Love & Thunder do from the pen of Aaron, that’s but one reason why the film’s so bad. There have been some reports by reviewers the audience seemed disappointed, so let’s hope more will think to avoid it by next week, recalling the Dr. Strange film sequel took a steep drop in its 2nd week. Seriously, why did most people even bother to attend these movies in the first place years ago? If this is what they were going to descend to, there was little use in bothering before.


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