Marvel Writer Dan Slott Insults Half the Comics Community… Again

Dan Slott’s boomeranged back on political attacks on anybody who disagrees with him yet again, with the following Twitter post seen in a screencap (since he has since erased it on his own account, an archive of it can still be viewed here):



The man is simply incorrigible. Bad for business. But, as I noted before, until now, he’s been enabled by nepotism, pure and simple, along with backers for his politics, and that’s one more reason why it’s unlikely he’ll ever be booted from Marvel Comics for the embarrassments he’s caused.

Here’s more, where he notes he supported Elizabeth Warren, and has more anti-Trump bile to spew:


So, more pro-open borders metaphors, he even blames Trump for the Corona virus crisis, and doesn’t care Warren put her own ego before everything else when she lied about being of American Indian background. I guess Slott’s also unconcerned about actor Patton Oswalt wishing ill to Trump supporters. This is just truly awful.

So, will Marvel staff launch any inquiry into Slott’s online behavior, and judge whether it constitutes a PR embarrassment? If their past handling is any indication, the answer is probably close to zero. So, they can’t be surprised if his antics finally cause them to go under financially.



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