Marvel Reportedly Wants Hugh Jackman for Wolverine vs Hulk Film


After playing Wolverine in nine movies across 17 years, Hugh Jackman established the character as one of the most popular and iconic that the superhero genre has ever seen, with his swansong in Logan delivering what is arguably one of the best comic book movies ever made. Despite seemingly hanging up the adamantium claws and riding off into the sunset though, there have always been rumors that the Australian actor could be tempted to suit up one more time, especially with Marvel Studios now possessing the big screen rights to the X-Men.

The mutants are inevitably going to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the future, and whoever plays Wolverine will undoubtedly be under the most intense scrutiny given how closely Jackman is linked to the character. That being said, we’re now hearing that the door is still open for the 50 year-old to continue playing Logan once the X-Men join the MCU.

Recent reports indicated that Marvel was looking at adapting the iconic Wolverine vs. Hulk storyline as one of their upcoming projects and apparently the studio is hoping that Jackman will return for the film. (via We Got This Covered)

This has yet to be confirmed by any official sources, so stay tuned!

John Pallister

John Pallister

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