Marvel/DC Creator Billy Tucci Talks Big Two’s Bias Against Republicans

Artist Billy Tucci,  an illustrator, writer and filmmaker best known for his creator-owned title and character, Shi, recently mentioned on Twitter something he learned about how the Big Two’s editors viewed his political leanings while he worked for both of Marvel Comics and DC Comics:



I think writers of conservative background are the primary victims of blacklisting, as Chuck Dixon for one experienced, but artists obviously aren’t immune to this either, nor are letterers and colorists. Now that some of the really bad apples like Axel Alonso and Dan DiDio are gone, you’d hope things’ll change for the better at the Big Two, but alas, when these companies are so clogged with leftists who no longer respect others’ politics, you know it’s unlikely to happen for a long time.


And as Tucci’s noted, some of the art drafts he did for them have not been put to use for nearly a decade. While that’s an injustice that needs to be remedied, the experience demonstrates why, for now, some creators are better off sticking with the smaller publishers and their own properties, until one day, the Big Two’s publishing arms can be bought out by more reliable sources.



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