Marvel Comics Writer Nick Spencer Rage Quits Twitter

by Chris Braly

SJW Marvel Writer Leaves Twitter After Discovering There Are No More Comic Book Fans To Block

Watching Nick Spencer argue with other people on Twitter becomes a lot more interesting when you’re aware of Nick Spencer’s past as a failed politician in Cincinnati, Ohio. His politics had an influence on his widely reviled “Captain America Nazi” story line, his incessant tweeting about politics and diversity issues, and even Marvel’s attitude toward and his response to all the negative Captain America blow-back from long-time fans makes much more sense to anyone who has familiarity with Nick Spencer’s political past.

He can’t help but insert his political beliefs into his work. In spite of the writer’s critical acclaim, the most recent Marvel Comics line-wide event, Secret Empire, which was born out of the Captain America title, by Nick Spencer and was subsequently helmed by him, turned out to be one of the lowest selling line-wide events in recent history.


There’s a great primer online here that covers Nick Spencer’s political past and his campaign ad nauseam for anyone who is interested.


So Nick Spencer has announced he is leaving Twitter. Having been known for using block bots to block anyone who followed other people that Nick Spencer disagreed with, will anyone notice if he doesn’t keep his word again? As of this post, he hasn’t exactly left Twitter. He has switched the privacy settings on his account to “private” so that only approved Twitter accounts can follow him or see his tweets.

No one really believed Nick was quitiing Twitter. He can’t quit it! I’ll update this post if that changes. In the meantime, here’s Mr. Spencer’s editor, also happy to be provocative towards fans who criticize Nick’s political activism.

Tom Brevoort is an executive editor at Marvel Comics. This provocative type of response (seen above) from @TomBrevoort on Twitter is fairly common for him. He determines who the “bigots” are, while missing the fact that he is the actual bigot. Simply defined, a “bigot” is “any person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Does Tom sound tolerant of those holding different opinions than his?

For what it’s worth, Mr. Brevoort also suggested he was leaving Twitter back in late June of this year. As of this writing, his account is still active. Our friends and contributors will continue to watch the social media-sphere and keep you posted. Hopefully things will get better soon.

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