Marvel Comics Retcons Lando’s Heroism to Betrayal in ROTJ Prequel

The act of freezing Han Solo in carbonite was viewed as cruel and barbaric, given that the process had only been used for freezing the tibanna gas that was mined on Bespin, in preparation for transport to other parts of the Galaxy.  Because of this, the incident on Cloud City was a game-changer for the characters.  It opened their eyes to the brutality of the Empire and pushed them into the Rebellion.



But not if you’re Disney comic book writer Charles Soule looking to retcon things for your own amusement.


Now, instead of Lando bravely returning to Tatooine and infiltrating Jabba’s Palace undercover in an effort to retrieve Han, he goes to Jabba to make a deal with him instead and betrays Han at his first chance.


ScreenRant explains:


Leia is hesitant, unsure if she can trust Lando, but Lando promises he’ll return with information from his connections and that he can be trusted. Chewbacca joins him on the Falcon and they travel to Tatooine. Once Lando gets into the palace, he learns that Boba has yet to arrive with Han. He then is granted a meeting with Jabba. Lando tries to cut a deal with Jabba, asking for fighters to take back Cloud City in exchange for a deal on Tibana gas, Cloud City’s main export. Jabba has no need for any such deal, as he already a deal for gas in place with the Empire. With his plans to regain his wealth foiled, Lando exchanges the only thing he has left: information. With Jabba ready to throw Lando in his rancor pit, Lando tells Jabba that Boba has Han, and also promises to let him know anything of interest he might hear while with the Rebellion. Jabba decides to let Lando go. Rejoining Chewie at the Falcon, they go back to Leia, Luke, and the Rebel cell.


Lando is now being made out to be just as reprehensible as the SJWs who want to be represented by him.  A fine reflection indeed.


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