Marvel Comics & Lucasfilm Credibly Accused of Plagiarism in Star Wars… Again

Let’s first go through the bullet list of plagiarism accusations against Lucasfilm in the Disney era.



Eckhardt’s Ladder really seems to be on the forefront of this issue.  In this video, he talks about several fan designs for Star Destroyers and the Medical Frigate which were appropriated by Marvel comics.


Marvel Star Wars Stole ANOTHER Fan's Ship Design! (...and it gets worse)


Add one more to the list, this one by Marvel Comics



Today comes the potential lifting of a design that appears in The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book.



The design in question is that of Snoke’s unidentified Space Station:



The claim here is that this design was lifted from the Kozmo Dark Planet of Yu-Gi-Oh:



Readers will have to decide for themselves if there’s a resemblance.



*Lots more can be looked at in this previous installment.


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