Marvel Comics Cramming More PC Into Guardians of the Galaxy Comic


Cosmic Book News informs that Marvel’s take on Hercules, along with the character of Marvel Boy, have been turned bisexual in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy:


Marvel Comics confirms both Hercules and Marvel Boy are bi-sexual in the latest issue of its Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.

The issue features a down and out and depressed Richard Rider Nova undergoing a psychotherapy session in regards to the guilt he feels about the death of Star-Lord as well as recent events in his life.

A majority of the issue features flashback scenes, with one scene revealing that Hercules and Marvel Boy hooked up in the midst of battle, which was really cringy (more on that below).

More political correctness from Marvel Comics

Why it comes off as cringy is because it’s forced on to the reader and isn’t organic, and in terms of what is going on, doesn’t make much sense.


Nothing new, of course. They’ve been doing this for years. Spider-Man’s Sins Past and One More Day storylines were examples of PC in their own way, coming from people who believe retaining a decent background or leading a happy life is thoroughly unacceptable, as is the entertainment value.


And the two heroes embracing during a battle was obviously contrived by writers who weren’t really interested in developing a suspenseful battle scene, or giving it a convincing sense of urgency. When will Marvel’s closure be coming so we don’t have to put up with this idiocy anymore?
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Avi Green

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