Marvel Comics Confirms that ANYONE Can Use The Force™

The Guardian reported back in 2015:

Lucas revealed his greatest concern over the direction of Disney’s proposed trilogy of new Star Wars films – a new report in Wired magazine suggests the studio’s plans for the saga are open-ended and could continue ad infinitum – was that the force “doesn’t get muddled into a bunch of gobbledegook”.


Since then we’ve read about Rey using the Force to learn about the Force, we’ve read suggestions that Holdo can use the Force too, we’ve read authors proclaim that the Force is about kindness (Sith not included), and we’ve had several garbage tier sites publish silly declarations that the Force is for everyone.


It now appears that this is exactly the direction that Lucasfilm is going in, as the Force is now life’s music, or something. shows us a couple of Marvel Comics panels that demonstrate this likely possibility.




We won’t either, Finn.

But if everyone can use the Force, then you know who else can use the Force too?




Jedi A-Holes Strike Back


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