Marvel Colorist Can’t Recall Why Star Wars Writer Chuck Wendig Was Fired

Chris Sotomayor is a colorist who worked on Marvel’s Star Wars comics issue 108.



SJWs were all in favor of cancel culture when it was used to virtue signal their political opponents out of employment and other social facets of life. But that changed once cancel culture became a circular firing squad within the Collective, and started taking out their own drones. It’s recently been called a form of “social murder,” now that so many far-left celebrities have been caught wearing blackface.


So Chris Sotomayor is taking part of that fundamental transformation of SJW culture, with a recent tweet:






But what Chris and his followers either don’t know or don’t care about, is that Chuck Wendig wasn’t subject to cancel culture. He was fired for telling his political opponents to throw themselves into a wood chipper, in one of the very few tweets Chuck has ever deleted.





And for some reason, Chuck is still allowed to rant and rave on Twitter, so he can hardly be said to have been canceled.


Thanks to Just Some Guy for the tip.


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