Marvel Comics’ Al Ewing Displays Even MORE Hypocrisy on Social Media


The far-left leaning writer Ewing, who threw artist Joe Bennett under the bus recently, supposedly because he detested his political cartoons, has quite a double-standard, as seen in the following pictures:



See these screencaps of messages where Al Ewing endorses the Israel-bashing Saladin Ahmed? This is all you need to know that Ewing’s shunning of artist Joe Bennett over his political cartoons based on Brazilian president Javier Bolsonaro was not altruistic. This is shameful, and a good reason as any not to buy Ewing’s writings.


With that told, Ewing’s phony scandal has, unsurprisingly, led to Marvel cutting ties with Bennett:


Marvel Comics has removed Joe Bennett from duties drawing the upcoming Timeless #1 event one-shot. A Marvel spokesperson tells Newsarama that the company will not be working with him on “any future Marvel projects.”


As Bounding Into Comics notes, Bill Sienkiewicz has also gotten away with his own revolting political illustrations, and nobody’s calling for disciplining him in any way after such shoddy behavior. Which means it’s just business as usual in an industry now dominated by people with no respect for Stan Lee’s Jewish brethren.


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Whatever Bennett’s flaws (which I hope he’ll mend and improve upon in the future), I decidedly hope he does get jobs at better employers than he had until recently. He honestly should never have taken the assignment to illustrate a book by such an extreme ideologue, when there’s a lot of other, better possibilities out there. So long as Marvel/DC are in the hands of such awful people, there’s no point working for them.


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Avi Green

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