Marvel Comics Adopts Political Retcon from the MCU

It looks like Marvel Comics has wasted no time forcing the political metaphor in the overrated Captain Marvel movie into the comics universe proper, in a book connected with War of the Realms:


The Skrulls have been around in Marvel Comics for years, but were just recently brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain Marvel. However, these were not the evil, power hungry, want-to-take-over-the-world Skrulls that fans know and love from the comic books.

The MCU version were actually peace-seeking Skrulls who just wanted safe refuge from their cosmic enemies. But in The War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery comic miniseries, some of Marvel’s superheroes have stumbled upon a similar re-imagining within the comic universe: a group of Skrulls that just want to live their lives in peace on Earth. Of course… they’re still willing to kill for it.


The Skrulls may have gotten a dreadful start on the silver screen. Now, they’re getting what sounds like an equally dreadful retcon and continuation from a movie’s theme back in the comics, and that they’re still willing to use deadly force doesn’t necessarily change it. All for the sake of blatant political metaphors which have become a sad staple over the past decade or so, and a crossover continuing the now tiresome custom of taking up too much space in every possible book in a shared universe.

If this is how the Marvel’s going to look from now on, they won’t even have many supervillains left to challenge the superheroes. Then again, that’s pretty much become the case, surely ever since Civil War in the late 2000s. It hasn’t been about fighting actual villains in Marvel for years.





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Avi Green

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