Marv Wolfman Can’t Figure Out Why He Doesn’t Like ‘Muppets Now’


Veteran comics writer Marv Wolfman may not post much lately on social media, but I found this older post of his from August where he spoke about one of the most recent Muppet programs on Disney+:



As somebody who grew up on Muppet material, since Sesame Street had just barely gotten started when I was born, and the Muppet Show aired during 1976-81, I also find it dismaying that the franchise has doubtless fallen to dismal levels these days. But, is he aware that, for nearly 2 decades now, it’s been subject to rabid left-wing politics, and this has effectively destroyed much of the potential the brand once had? Well, trouble is, Wolfman’s a liberal himself, as I’ve been well aware, even if he was more restrained in his approach than those who’ve come down the pike since, and won’t be surprised if he doesn’t have the courage to admit the left today has lost its way out of obsession with power, to the point where they’ve taken out their anger on many products they either don’t respect, or no longer do. And Muppets were some of their biggest victims.


Unfortunately, if Wolfman hasn’t criticized the left for what they’ve wound up doing to the Muppets, there’s no chance he’ll do so in the forseeable future, because he presumably doesn’t want to fall out of their favor so easily, even though the modern takes on his Titans material have suffered some dumbing down as a result of the same mentalities too. As a result, what’s the point of lamenting the downfall of a once nifty children’s franchise if you won’t dwell on whether politics played a part in bringing it down? Wolfman’s not proving any better than most veteran liberals who won’t analyze deeper and determine if their ideologies are having a negative effect on what products we once cherished.



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Avi Green

Avi Green was born in Pennsylvania in 1974, and moved to Israel in 1983. He enjoyed reading comics when he was young, the first being Fantastic Four. He maintains a strong belief in the public's right to knowledge and accuracy of facts. He considers himself a conservative-style version of Clark Kent. Follow him on his blog at Four Color Media Monitor or on Twitter at @avigreen1