Mark Waid Appears to be in a Bad Situation in Lawsuit

Jawbreakers comic creator Richard C. Meyer’s lawsuit against Mark Waid for committing tortious interference in his publishing deal takes an interesting turn. As stated here, it appears Waid didn’t know he was speaking with the brother of the original manager of Antarctic Press:


Also, in a game or textual whispers, it transpires that Mark Waid thought he was speaking and texting with Benn Dunn, rather than Joeming Dunn. And that Joeming Dunn thought he was texting with someone else and stopped when he realised it was Mark Waid. […]

But that’s just a small sampling of how ludicrous Waid’s turned out to be in this whole affair. Here’s a PDF of the available court deposition, where Waid uses some stupefying language (he calls his supporters “hordes of hell”?!? What was he thinking?) And he even admits he hates conservatives. Very telling.

After checking some of this, all I can say is, Waid’s had it in this business. It’s time he took a pension and just retired to some suburb where he can write his career biography (not that I’d expect it to be honest or sane, though). It’s bound to become a classic case of somebody who was once on top, and plummeted to bottom.

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Avi Green

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