Mark Hamill Tells Anthony Daniels He Was “Appalled” by ‘The Last Jedi’ Script


Mark Hamill was appalled by ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’.  At least that’s what he told Anthony Daniels in an email he sent to him regarding the “new trilogy” according to Sy Fy Wire:


Daniels, writing in his memoir I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story, published an email from Hamill after the iconic Skywalker wrapped production on Episode IX:

“Thanks for the more than kind words, Tony. I grew so fond of our fictional relationship; it was hard to be separated in this new trilogy,” Hamill wrote. “You & R2 were my family & they certainly didn’t dare to take Chewie away from Han. I was appalled that in the original script for VIII, I just walked by without even acknowledging you! I was grateful that Rian let us at least have that brief farewell moment, even if it was only a nod & a wink. Perhaps it was fitting, as there are no words to convey the depth of Luke’s gratitude to his faithful sidekick, just as there are no words to express mine to you.” The actor capped off with a lovely closing: “Thank you for a lifetime of fond memories, friend.”




Editor’s note: We already knew this of course.



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