Mark Hamill: Revealing Spoilers or ‘Subverting Expectations’?

AP recently tweeted out the following video: provides a transcript:

Is this really going to be your last Star Wars appearance?

I sure hope so. (laughs)


Well, because…I had closure in the last one. The fact that I’m involved in any capacity is only because of that peculiar aspect of the Star Wars mythology where if you’re a Jedi, you get to come back and make a curtain call as a Force ghost.

Is Mark Hamill sticking it to the Sequel Trilogy producers by dumping a major spoiler through Associated Press?

Or is Mark making remarks that are intended to “subvert expectations?”

While Mark has made some interesting critical remarks about the Sequel Trilogy production, he’s also recanted and praised Rian Johnson.  So as always with Mark, it’s anyone’s guess.

But the footage was immediately cut after he spoke the word “ghost.”  I’d love to hear what Mark said immediately afterward.

Thanks to Mathew Kadish for the tip.

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