Mark Hamill Embarrassingly Throws Stones In Glass Houses

DDayCobra has reported on a tweet from Mark Hamill that is now deleted.


Hamill tweeted photos from a shoot that took place in 1995, when Melania Knauss (as she was called), was 25



The images Mark posted were from a racy photo shoot that Melania did for a French magazine. Quite honestly, it’s nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what we’ve seen produced in Hollywood circles. Photo shoots like these are quite common with the denizens of Tinsel Town. And it’s widely known that Melania worked as a model for many years.


DDayCobra comments:


Mark Hamill ATTACKS Melania Trump For No Reason - He's A TERRIBLE Person


I have to say that Jeremy is right here. We have overlooked Mark Hamill’s poor online behavior, myself included. I’ve overlooked it on many occasions, mostly to spare the feelings of people who have any lingering emotional connection with the Luke Skywalker character.


But what makes this particular instance even more damning, is not that Mark Hamill is a Hollywood SJW, though that does come with its own level of hypocrisy.


It’s that back in October of 2019, I blogged about a Town & Country article and a biography on Hugh Hefner entitled Mr. Playboy written by Steven Watts, which indicated that Mark Hamill’s wife Marilou York worked as one of Hef’s “Mansion Misses.” The book lists Marilou York as being being one of Hef’s “regular sexual partners in group scenes occurring occasionally in the grotto but most often upstairs in his master bedroom.” You can see a scan of page 281 from that book here.


The purpose of that blog post was not to attack Mark Hamill’s wife out of the blue. But to point out that the woman who was accusing the mother of her son’s child of being a gold digger, may have done a bit of gold digging in her own youth.


So it would appear that hypocrisy is a Hamill family value.


In any case, Hamill probably shouldn’t be pointing fingers at anyone else’s wife.


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