Mainstream Media is Still Heaping Praise on Hickman’s X-Men Retcons


The Valdosta Daily Times ran another one of their fluff-coated short articles about comics, with this one fawning over Jonathan Hickman’s 2019 retcon to X-Men civilian and co-star Moira MacTaggert without questions:


However, with “Inferno,” it is highly recommended to at least read the books that started the latest trend in Marvel’s “X” books – “House of X” and “Powers of X.”

Those books set the stage for all that has happened in the past few years. As well as one other major plot point. Mutant sovereignty is possible because Moira MacTaggert, long-time X-Men supporting character, reveals a strange truth to Professor X and Magneto.

She has lived a multitude of lives and in each one the mutants get a reboot as she starts a new life but with all of the memories of her previous lives. This revelation leads to the mutant creation of Krakoa, the mutant government, etc. The multiple lives touch upon decades worth of “X-Men” storylines; it was a brilliant stroke.

Jonathan Hickman is the writer behind that brilliance and he’s been the primary architect for the “Reign of X” storylines ever since.

With “Inferno,” Moira MacTaggert’s story comes full circle as Hickman’s time with the “X” books comes to a satisfying conclusion.


You could wonder how many people outside of comicdom, as a result of such superficial puff pieces, will never realize Moira was originally a mortal human with no science fantasy powers of any kind, and here, out of the blue, she’s suddenly a mutant. The only “strange truth” is that even under C.B. Cebulski, Marvel in its modern form has no respect for past continuity. I’m not buying the claim of brilliance or satisfying conclusions either. What I do know is that it’s going to be very difficult to repair Marvel’s coherency so long as they’re under corporate ownership, while newspaper phonies like these keep sugarcoating every PC retcon made to past creations.


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