Lucasfilm’s New Racist Krystina Arielle Posts “Evidence” She Was Harassed


The backstory here.

One of the things we learned from our investigation into the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident, is that SJWs are liars. And that they actually believe their own lies. This of course is why they refer to their prolific hate hoaxes as “activism.” With the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram incident, only 7 pieces of evidence of purported harassment were ever published, most of which were of dubious origin. Some of the instances demonstrated the use of proxy accounts in an attempt to pose as political adversaries. The few legitimate pieces of evidence pointed to a hate hoax orchestrated by Jason Ward of


We’ve all played this game before. You can watch my documentary on the matter.


So there’s no reason not to suspect that the very same SJW tactics may be in use here. Because although The High Republic Show’s Krystina Arielle tweets purported evidence that could be genuine, the handles of the individuals who supposedly sent these messages is blocked out, conveniently preventing anyone from authenticating any of this. Given the notorious track record of lying SJWs, all of this needs to be viewed through the lens of healthy skepticism.


But as we know, that won’t stop the legacy media from printing all of this as confirmed fact anyway, and uneducated SJWs will be eager to lap it all up.



Obviously none of this can be proven since the handles have all been blocked out. Not only are SJWs all universally uneducated, they’re also all universally ineducable. They’ll obsess over race from now until the end of time, because they have nothing else to occupy their pea brains with.


Editor: These victim cards do look ugly. 




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