Lucasfilm’s Kennedy: Star Wars Will “Absolutely” Get a Female Director



Kathleen Kennedy says a person with a vagina will “absolutely” direct Star Wars, but no word yet on if we’ll “absolutely” get a good Star Wars story.  Only the promised genitalia of directors has been confirmed.


Radio Times reports:


Star Wars boss says a future movie will “absolutely” be helmed by female director

Kathleen Kennedy spoke about hiring women filmmakers on the BAFTA Film Awards red carpet

It’s looking more and more likely that a future Star Wars movie will see a woman in the director’s chair for the first time in the franchise’s 43-year history.

Kennedy – who is receiving this year’s BAFTA Fellowship award – did not specify a particular film, but said that a female director would “absolutely” be hired.

“We’ve got two or three fantastic women working with Star Wars – we’re cultivating a lot of great talent,” she said.


Walking on the moon is history.  Fighting the Desert Fox in North Africa is history.  Curing cancer is history.  Inventing the light bulb is history.  Making the first transatlantic flight is history.


Playing pretend in front of a camera is not history.


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