Lucasfilm: Star Wars The Clone Wars S7 Was “Rewritten” to Be “Better”

Dave Filoni: NOT the “Chosen One”


Fans of The Clone Wars have noticed some changes being made to The Clone Wars episodes in Season 7.  After being admonished by the cast for pointing out those changes, the Star Wars YouTube channel released a video explaining those changes in their show Clone Wars: Download.


Clone Wars Download: The Bad Batch


Dave Filoni says:


“The Bad Batch episodes, you know, we had previously released them in animatic form. So a lot of the work had been done.  A lot of the groundwork had been laid out.  It was also a way to do an episode arc that was very true to what Clone Wars was.

“We still improved the models, the assets, redid some things.  We made the story better.  So if you’re familiar with the story, which some people may be, you’ll notice that while it’s very similar, we did a tighter edit of it, we added some new scenes, wer took some scenes out.”


Got that?  They made the story “better.”  By what standard is “better” measured by?  Who knows?  But those who think Star Wars would be saved with Filoni in control should probably rethink that position if Filoni genuinely thinks what they have done is “better.”


But that’s not all.


Joel Aron, Director of Cinematography Lighting explains:


“The times have changed.  When we first started Clone Wars, to when we did Rebels, when we did Resistance, and getting back into Clone Wars again, we had to apply ourselves in a more cinematic way.  We’d be conjuring up old episodes to be rewritten, retold in a different light.  There were some changes made, but we knew the pieces would be there.  And we knew how to make them look better.


I suspect that what Joel means by “better,” is the inclusion of moronic social justice propaganda with a dash of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Maybe I’ll be proven to be wrong when the new season is over, but I warned my readers in July of 2018 that this very thing was likely to happen.  And there it is.  Plus, that new character with the cow pie on her head shouldn’t give anyone confidence.


In any case, it’s now clear that Season 7 is not George Lucas’ Clone Wars as was written before it was canceled, and is therefore not canon and can be disregarded as fan fiction only.




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