Lucasfilm Rep. Disavows Silly Troll-Detecting Star Wars Polls


Pseudo-scientist, Mark H. White II


Perhaps you’ve read about Mark H. White II’s silly Star Wars poll, where he eliminates the opinions of “trolls” in order to prove SJW points with pseudo-scientific gymnastics, thus demonstrating today’s Ph. D. degrees to be utterly worthless. “Trolls” in SJW-speak, means anyone who expresses opinions not explicitly approved by the consensus of the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community. So it’s not really worth going through and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Discrediting pseudo-science is a laborious chore. But anyone who has been reading this blog is already fully aware of the deeply moronic SJW talking points that the survey purports to prove.


Yes, yes. “sexism” this, “misogyny” that, blah, blah, blah…


What is worth going through however, is the fact that the Twitter account of Lucasfilm representative and Star Wars author Claudia Gray, promoted the loaded survey back in May.  Perhaps you remember this:



Well now Claudia Gray’s assistant who runs her Twitter account, is forced to disavow the survey as Twitter user Dataracer recently pointed out.




Claudia’s glasses might perform a function beyond fashion.


So this leaves normal people with all kinds of wonderful questions.

If the poll proved that Star Wars fans who criticized the bowel movement known as The Last Jedi are sexist, then what does it say when a female Star Wars author disavows that poll?  Will this factor into Mark H. White II’s data cherry picking project?

How will other Lucasfilm representatives react?  Will Bryan Young disavow Mark H., White II’s pseudo-science as well?  Will Pablo Hidalgo disavow Claudia Gray and support Mark H. White II’s pseudo-science?  Will the human klaxon Geek Girl Diva brandish her 24K Gold dildo in defense of Claudia Gray?  Will unhinged crank Chuck Wendig tweet out mutterings as unintelligible as his novels?  Will Paul S. Kemp start barking something about lesbians?  All these questions and more await to be answered!

Thanks to Dataracer for the tip.






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