Lucasfilm “Insider” Shares Rumors About Spielberg’s Departure From Indy 5

I received this email from an individual claiming to be a Lucasfilm insider.  I present it to you now as I received it for your consideration.



I’m not sure I believe any of this.


Kathy is the one in charge.  She created feminist star wars, or at the very least heavily promoted it and put it into hyperdrive.  She hired JJ Abrams.  So the fanboys have every right to malign her efforts, and I’m happy to see it continue.  in fact, I’ll be engaging in it myself when need be, and encouraging it until she’s departed from Lucasfilm.  I couldn’t care less about her personal and business relationships.  Likewise, screw management and their headaches.  Clearly, they’re part of the problem as well.



Outside of the personal relationship drama, this is information that is widely known to just about anyone who has been following any of this.  As for the personal relationship drama itself, who knows?  I have no way of knowing the nature of their personal relationships.  But if George felt betrayed according to Iger’s book, then it stands to reason that these relationships would be strained.  So again, there really isn’t anything here tremendously “inside” in my opinion.



Again, the notion that there would be culture clashes between a company that was purchased and its parent company is something that could be arrived at with common sense.  This is a common occurrence with any merger or acquisition.


So from my perspective, this reads like a lot of public knowledge trying to pass itself off as inside info.  But, I could be wrong.



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